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My part in the Cuntspeak Carnival!

demonista, who hates porn and BDSM because she is a Femynist Wimmin, and fights the Good Fight by deleting all opposing viewpoints off her journal without response or explanation, has just posted an open invitation to participate in a "Cuntspeak Carnival."

Callout for the Cuntspeak Carnival!
This carnival takes it name from Jane Caputi's honourific theory of cuntspeak, in Not for Sale and here.

Oh wow, that article. I can't even parse the first couple sentences of that article but I really want to read it aloud while drunk, I think it would be hilarious.

This has also been started in part because of the past Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution. However, this carnival will also discuss positive sexuality.

Positive sexuality, you know, the kind I have! God I'm so lucky that my personal sexuality is the morally right kind, what were the odds?

I would like this carnival to be about things such as:

-analysing the word "cunt", eg can it be reclaimed? does it offer a strong feminist analysis, eg in inventing new words, naming new ways of Be-ing, speaking, etc?

The word can be reclaimed to describe a body part. It's actually pretty useful there, because we're pretty short of body-part words that don't evoke either clinical detachment or uncontrollable giggles. But as a description of a woman's whole way of "Be-ing," it's fucking ridiculous. I have a cunt; so what? So does half the world, and anyway I was just born with it. It's not like I won it in a contest or something.

-developing a sexuality that is gynocentric, clitorocentric, biophilic, egalitarian and/or politically Lesbian

Nothing about "gynocentric, clitorocentric... politically Lesbian" matches particularly well with "egalitarian." The solution to a phallocentric culture is not a gynocentric one; that's just the less popular side of the same bigotry. And I don't even know what to make of "biophilic"--doesn't that translate to "pro-life?" I guess she just means, you know, liking life and people who are alive. Which is very nice, but not all that revolutionary, is it?

-can one be a political Lesbian and be sexually involved with a man/men?

No. Duh.

Have the cake or eat the cake, lady.

-what is sex? to society? to you?

Sex is when the penis goes in the vagina. Or the butt. It's sort of sex when other things happen to the penis or vagina also, but the specifics are controversial.

-building bridges between fab-women and trans women (politically, socially, etc)? what is transphobia? transmisogyny? how does one reconcile being trans with being a radical feminist--is it hard, or do they go hand in hand?

I think you should just get it in your head that trans women are women and should be treated as such in the feminist community, end of freakin' discussion. The more you treat it like some big complex issue, the more you reveal that you're on the same "but they're really men so by Gawd they better not wear no damn sissy dress!" boat as the good ol' boys.

-women of colour and radical feminism

Yeah, you should probably let them in too.

-white women, middle-class women, and so on writings on economic privilege, straight privilege, whites as raced, etc.


(I don't even have money, actually, but because I'm white and educated somehow I still get called out for not understanding the privilege I have over the poor people I oppress. I'm part of the oppression on $10 an hour! That's very economical.)

-disability and sexuality

Disabled people fuck too, yep. However, able-bodied people are under no moral obligation to be attracted to them.

-intersections between oppressions, within and "outside of" sex(uality)

Let's add together all the people who could possibly not like me for every feature (inherent, adopted, and pretended) of my identity, then bemoan what an enormous victim I am!

-honourific representations (eg poems, drawings, sculptures, possibly movies) of female sexuality (both already existing and created by you) of female sexuality, vulvas, lesbianism, etc.

The weird thing is this person is militantly anti-porn. But apparently movies of "female sexuality, vulvas, lesbianism" are lovely and empowering. Go fig.

-what is "cuntspeak" to you? what does a cuntspeak sexuality look like? smell, taste, feel like? does the cunt think?

I just want to see a guy get away with describing his worldview as "cockspeak." That would be excellent.

Also, "does the cunt think?" sounds like something Buffalo Bill would yell down into his pit.

-what tries to kill off cuntspeak? destroy our connection with the cunt?

I'd say you're, uh, pretty firmly connected there.

-can men be cuntspeakers? can a heterosexual woman? a trans woman?

What the fuck does this fucking word even fucking mean, seriously.

-theory to action: acting on one's views, putting cuntspeak philosophies into practice, eg in organisations, communities, relationships, activism, etc

I'm gonna show up at the town hall meeting, and in between all the discussion of zoning variances and construction noise and why don't they put in a sidewalk on my street, I'm gonna say "we need to consider cuntspeak here!"

The above are just suggestions, and by no means an exhaustive list.
What do people think? Is this something you'd be interested in? Would participate in?
Any other ideas?

At this point, I'm gauging interest, and haven't decided on deadlines or anything :)

I guess this post wasn't that funny as they go, I'm just annoyed at this person for posting inflammatory things and deleting all opposing viewpoints, posting that a (female) pro-porn blogger was stupid while refusing to engage her in any actual discussion. And she talked bad about an organization that I'm a member of, then deleted my (quite polite) response without a reply.

What a cunt.

If you look at it with a focus on women, even, it is, e.g. the way female pigs, cows, chickens etc are treated that only happen to females of the species (e.g. battery hens, forced impregnation and birth and having their young taken away), "happy meat" and its parallel to happy sexual exploitation of women, the idea that "use" of another for one's benefit is fine as long as it's "humane," "kind," "welfarist," etc.

In a truly egalitarian society, roosters would lay eggs!

But ah well, she's only 20, so odds are pretty good she'll look back on all this with embarrassment in a few years.
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